2012: Photographers I think is worth checking out!

I decided to compile this list of photographers i think is worth checking out. By 2012 and I mean that these are photographers that i like and stand by right now. My list from 2011 i bet would’ve looked a lot different than the one from now. But i do believe that a lot of these photographers are timeless and fantastic!

The order that they are presented in is random :)! 

  1. Jacob Aue Sobol – Documentary photographer – Great great heavy B&W snapshot style, a big inspiration to me!
  2. Martin Parr – One of the pioneers within colour photography, great very ironic and saturated work!
  3. Moriyama Daido – Street/portrait/Documentary photography – A snapshot pioneer.
  4. William Eggleston – To many seen as the father of colour art photography! Great very subdued colour work.
  5. Nan Goldin – colour photographer who is most famous for the work she did photographing her friends in the gay/drag queen community through the 70’s and 80’s – snapshot colour photography.
  6. Larry Clark – the creator of a lot of different work including movies and photography projects – Got very famous with the book “Tulsa” where LC photographed his suburban friends and himself shooting drugs
  7. Joel Meyerowitz – Also one of the pioneers within colour photography – Has done a lot of street work in New York – and also did the project about the aftermath of 9/11.

This is my list so far – by no means the only photographers i think are great; but my “essential” photographer list at the moment.

Look out for updates in the future.



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2 responses to “2012: Photographers I think is worth checking out!”

  1. Tariq says :

    Nice list. Thanks for sharing..

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