School Project: The Ten Commandments

2 weeks ago, i was given a school assignment called the ten commandments.

The point with this assignment is to take ten pictures – one for each commandment. I meanwhile am not fond of this assignment, due tomorrow, and not nearly finished.

I decided to describe each commandment with the facade of a house, this however has shown itself to be pretty challenging. So here i am… Editing the few pictures i have – and afterwards going out to get the rest (hopefully).

So i made this post; not only to blog about photography and the given assignment, but also to help myself get down which of the commandments i have already covered. So here goes.

1. I am your only god √

2 You may not make an image of god √ (roughly got that one down)

3. you may not use the lords name for lies /

4. Remember the sabbath and keep it holy / (got a rough idea though)

5. Honor thy mother and father / (think i have it down, just gotta take the picture)

6. thou shalt not kill √ (got it down)

7. Don’t break holy matrimony / (nope…)

8. You may not steal / (nope…)

9. Don’t witness falsely to your next man. /

10. Don’t envy your next mans wife, house, slave, or slave woman. /

I know these aren’t the 10 commandments in the purest original form or fashion but they are the ones that i have to depict.


The notes to each one: 

1. Single house in the middle of nowhere.

2. 2 classic houses with the same car. Or the picture of a house with a stickfigure in front.

3. 2 colored house.

4 Red and white house (I live in Denmark and this is a comment on patriotism and nationalism.

5 Brothel.

6. a petrol station.

7. Old damaged house or a house with a clear line down the middle.


9. house for sale.

10. Burnt down house.


Sorry for this clumsy jotted down post. Will post the pictures when they are done.

If you’ve ever been in a similar stressed situation with photography – tell me about it in the comments.





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