Great Lecture with Alec Soth

title=”Great Lecture with Alec Soth”>Great Lecture with Alec Soth


The Culmination of the Semester

Today we started the final project of the semester, which culminates with an exhibition. For me and my class it will be our last projects at our school before we go our separate photographic ways.


It’s a relatively free project but our teachers urge us to do something big; since we have 4 weeks to do it then why not.

So it looks like I’m going to Sweden to my aunts Cabin in the depths of the Swedish forest.

In case you aren’t familiar with Scandinavian Geography, Sweden is the first country to the east of Denmark. 

It’s about a 4 hour drive from my home in Denmark. I plan to go there with my girlfriend and document our days in solitude in the middle of nowhere.

I’m looking very much forward to this project, I think I’ll do it in an art documentary style that I really like.

I’ll post updates and pictures as i go along! and of course other posts on other subjects.


Until next time.




2012 Photography Documentaries you should watch.

I’ve compiled this quick list of photography documentaries that i think is worth the watch. Since i think a lot of places around the web has missed a few of the really good ones in their lists of good photography documentaries. So here goes. 


The list is in no particular order. 

  1. The Genius of Photography – Of course a classic miniseries about the history and the future of photography; great with many interviews and pictures by great photographers!
  2. War Photographer – About photojournalist and war photography: follows war photographer James Nachtwey a multiawardwinning photographer. 
  3. Imagine “William Eggleston” a very messy documentary where we follow Bill Eggleston in his daily life. 
  4. What Remains “The Life and work of Sally Mann”
  5. Shooting Robert King – Documentary about war photographer Robert King: Spanning over 15 years and 3 world wars we follow Robert King through his careers high and lows. 

Look out for the next list in the near future; Great Photography Videoes on Youtube. 


Until Next time. 



The Staged Portrait Complete.

What a week. Ended with a celebratory beer and a run through of each of the staged portraits. 

I Ended up going black and white and doing something quite different than what i originally envisioned. 

The first model i wanted to use cancelled on me so i ended up using my significant other as a model (Once again 🙂 ) 

I’m very happy with the result – i really feel that i reconnected with myself and my own style in this project. I sort of started working a lot in colour and smoothening out my pictures a lot (if that makes sense) but i actually feel much more at home in my high contrasty black and white stuff. 





On another note: 

Our guest teacher this week really taught us a lot especially a lot about how one can go about getting recognised as an art photographer (which i will talk about in another post) It was really great and after getting all that information and getting a deeper understanding of how the whole art photography scene works, I feel a lot higher confidence in calling myself an artist. 


Until next time. 



Innovation at its best!

Innovation at its best!

I came across this post; which shows you how to digitalize your negatives without a scanner! In a very innovative way.



2012: Photographers I think is worth checking out!

I decided to compile this list of photographers i think is worth checking out. By 2012 and I mean that these are photographers that i like and stand by right now. My list from 2011 i bet would’ve looked a lot different than the one from now. But i do believe that a lot of these photographers are timeless and fantastic!

The order that they are presented in is random :)! 

  1. Jacob Aue Sobol – Documentary photographer – Great great heavy B&W snapshot style, a big inspiration to me!
  2. Martin Parr – One of the pioneers within colour photography, great very ironic and saturated work!
  3. Moriyama Daido – Street/portrait/Documentary photography – A snapshot pioneer.
  4. William Eggleston – To many seen as the father of colour art photography! Great very subdued colour work.
  5. Nan Goldin – colour photographer who is most famous for the work she did photographing her friends in the gay/drag queen community through the 70’s and 80’s – snapshot colour photography.
  6. Larry Clark – the creator of a lot of different work including movies and photography projects – Got very famous with the book “Tulsa” where LC photographed his suburban friends and himself shooting drugs
  7. Joel Meyerowitz – Also one of the pioneers within colour photography – Has done a lot of street work in New York – and also did the project about the aftermath of 9/11.

This is my list so far – by no means the only photographers i think are great; but my “essential” photographer list at the moment.

Look out for updates in the future.


School Project: The Staged Portrait

Staged Portraits may sound a little mainstream for a project, and my first thought was “Yes, yes it is mainstream” However the guest teacher who gave us this assignment, made it into something entirely different. Showing us works by Todd Hido (whom i never had heard of), Greg Crewdson, Rineke Dijkstra, and a couple more. And yes, if one works with them as inspiration you’ll end up someplace very weird spooky and magical. 

Morten Nilsson (click his name to visit his page and check out his work) is very much into creating a different universe within the pictures and has encouraged us to do just that. It’ll be exciting to see where it all takes us. 

My Idea so far. Using a darkroom safelight as light and getting a red haired person to model for me. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m pretty excited about it so far. 

Will of course post the final result.

Until next time!


The Exhibition of Friday

This is just a quick post to quickly share that the Exhibition this friday went very well and was a overall success.

The pictures were in the context of the exhibition, actually not bad. So that was a pleasant surprise.

So here a 2 pictures from the exhibition one of them is a picture of the poster including artist names of the exhibition, the other one is the 10 commandments (in Danish).



This picture doesn’t really do the exhibition justice but this has to do since I only took these 2 photos on my iPhone.

Until next time.


Work in Progress..

We are currently in the depths of Copenhagen – getting ready for the exhibition.

We’ve been working on setting everything up including getting very outdated projectors to work. The Exhibit opens in an hour, and I’m still not sure where exactly I stand with my project.

Will post some pictures from the exhibit later tonight.



School Project: The Ten Commandments; Update!

Done! In the nick of time – got it all down. literally ran out several times to take another picture of just one more house.

I’m actually alright with the end result, it’s in no way something i would normally make as a project. But hey! you have to try something new once in a while. So i did… And this is what came out of it.

Little captions on the photos all says a simplified version of their individual commandment in Danish – I’ll translate them to english below each photograph. 

One God

Don’t Create

Speak the Truth


Honor Us

Don’t Kill

Break Nothing

Don’t Steal

Don’t Witness

Don’t Envy

Please let me know what you think in the comments :)!